PuttPractice G Series


product features

Utilizing an AR-based system, it projects putting information onto the putting green, providing a real-time display of the ball’s path and results. Offering valuable data and fundamental analysis for trainers, allowing them to understand data related to actual putting. Immersive putting or putting training enhances putting skills.

3D Static Scanning

Capable of performing three-dimensional scans on existing putting greens, utilizing the acquired 3D data to comprehensively perceive the putting green. Through precise analysis and calculations, it can anticipate ball paths, conduct analysis, and provide feedback.

Training Modes

To meet your training and teaching needs, we offer various training modes: power mastery, random hole-in, speed measurement mode, putting practice, cutting mode...

Single/Double Player Games

We offer a variety of engaging single-player putting challenges: distance challenges, circle challenges, shooting games, hit the birdie...

Weakness Testing

Allows for 36 rounds of putting in 12 directions on various slopes at different distances—comprehensive testing of your putting weaknesses for targeted practice.

What We Have Here for You

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Top golfers universally employ technological devices for teaching and training.

Excellent Cost Performance

In contrast to expensive technological training equipment, Super Green breaks barriers, delivering a more professional, technological, diversified, visual, and interactive equipment.

New Technology

Challenging conventional thinking, advancing putting green education, achieving technological teaching, embracing new technologies in golf, and staying in step with industry trends.

High Flexibility

The platform offers high flexibility with a user-friendly interface, rigorous training processes, and engaging putting games. It remarkably enhances putting skills, reading putting greens, visual memory, and putting consistency.


Tailored to individual needs, Super Green can be customized based on space, environment, and specific requirements.


Super Green is suitable for golf academies, golf clubs, golf studios, or home entertainment, providing versatility in application scenarios.


Three options for your needs

Choose the size that works for you


Customizable according to existing putting greens.

All prices above are in USD and include putting green and installation. VAT, travel and shipment are not included. Prices subject to change. Get in touch to request a formal quote.
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